Exterior dimensions of the machine  1930 x 1040 x 970 mm
Interior dimensions of the vat  1300 x 800 x 650 mm
useful measurements of the load grid  1250 x 750 x 565 mm
Height of the worktop  970 mm
Capacity of the vat  659 L
Power of the ultrasonic generator  4800 W (9600 W p-p)
Ultrasonic working frequency  28/40 kHz
Heating element  12 kW
Analogic control panel with digital thermostat for temperature control.
Manual lid with optional thermal-acoustic insulation
Stainless steel AISI 304/316


Download full technical data sheet:

Manual ultrasonic cleaning equipment. 650 L of useful capacity. Exclusive BRIO technology three times more efficient than conventional systems.

Machine with all the advantages of BRIO ultrasonic cleaning technology: ecological, with superior water and energy savings; optimal in costs, with triple the efficiency of the rest of ultrasound systems; robust, with construction in AISI 304/316; with great durability and lower maintenance. All this saving time and labor by 60% -80% compared to traditional cleaning systems in all industrial sectors.