BR-150 PRO



Exterior dimensions of the machine  1.500x980x1.510 mm
Interior dimensions of the vat  710x500x540 mm
Useful measurements of the load grid  680x435x400 mm
Height of the worktop  970 mm
Capacity of the vat  183 L
Power of the ultrasonic generator  1000 W (2.400 W p-p)
Ultrasonic working frequency  28/40 kHz
Heating element  3.75 kW
Elevator with parts grid. Max. load capacity  80 kg
Auxiliary vat capacity  28 L
Intuitive 4.3 inch color touch panel. To control and program the cleaning cycle. Manual and automatic mode. Includes time slot programming. System with PLC and temperature module.
Oil Push System. Exclusive system for oil removal to the auxiliary vat by laminar sweep. It extends the useful life of the fluid against saturation.
Elevator sway. Up and down movement for the separation of the dirt released on the surface of the parts.
Manual cover with thermal insulation as an option.
Stainless steel construction AISI 304/316.


Download full technical data sheet:

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment of 150 L useful capacity. Exclusive BRIO technology three times more efficient than conventional systems.

PRO Series includes lift with load grid for handling the parts without effort, sway system for separating the dirt, OPS (Oil Push System) for oil removal, an intuitive touch screen and much more. With all the advantages of BRIO ultrasonic cleaning technology: ecological, with superior water and energy savings; optimal in costs, with triple the efficiency of the rest of ultrasound systems; robust, with construction in AISI 304/316; with great durability and lower maintenance. All this saving time and labor by 60% -80% compared to traditional cleaning systems in all industrial sectors.