Special Equipment

Custom ultrasonic cleaning machines

In BRIO Ultrasonics we are experts in developing solutions that cover any need of our customers. In order to treat pieces with special characteristics, it is necessary to carry out a custom design and manufacture to ensure an optimum result. These developments may include specific systems for holding and transporting the parts, lifting systems prepared for very heavy loads, special dimensions of the cleaning tanks, continuous integration into the customer’s facilities, etc. Whatever the type of dirt, the shape, the material or the weight of the parts, at BRIO Ultrasonics we always get the best cleaning and/or treatment solution for each customer.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines for large parts

15000 L machine for large pieces, with an elevator designed for very heavy loads. Conceived for all the industrial sectors that need to treat pieces of great dimensions, especially naval, energetic, nuclear and aeronautical.

Elevators for heavy loads

We design reinforced elevators with hydraulic technology that allow us to work with heavy parts.

Custom parts support design

We design specific supports for all types of pieces, regardless of their shape or size. We carry out the necessary optimizations so that our machines perform to the maximum with both the largest and the smallest piece.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines for the industrial sector

Automated machine introduced in a continuous production line. Producing for 24 hours, 7 days a week, with maximum cleaning times per piece of 45 seconds. We meet the cleaning requirements of the customer in specifications under cleaning standard or ISO.

Automation and integration in production lines

Our machines can be coordinated with robot arms, work in continuous lines and adapt to all types of automations of our customers, ensuring their production objectives.

Maquina limpieza ultrasonidos a medida BR-400 MS