BR MOLD line
Injection mould cleaning

At BRIO Ultrasonics we design and manufacture customized equipment that covers all the cleaning and treatment needs of the injection mould sector. In our BR-MOLD line we develop BRIO ultrasonic cleaning equipment designed according to the size of the mould, achieving maximum efficiency.

In addition, we can add rinsing, corrosion protection, driying stages and others, covering all the processes you need in a single multistage installation.

BR-600 MOLD. Multi-stage mould cleaning equipment

We reach 100% of the geometry at all times, reaching all the cavities without the need to disassemble the pieces. In this way we achieve optimal results in injection molds of zamak, magnesium, plastic, rubber and any other material.

We perform hight-quality fast and complete cleaning of any mould, cooling duct, spare parts, extractors, figures, slotted parts, sliding parts, etc.

BR-300 MOLD. Multistage ultrasonic mould cleaning machine of 300 litres capacity per tank

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Advantages of
BRIO technology 

Ecological and efficient

Save water and energy

Robustness and durability

Own design with the best stainless

Fast and accurate

Cleans parts of any shape in minutes

Superior cleaning power

We reach 100% of parts geometry

High cost effectiveness

Autonomy and low consumption

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