Rollers and sleeves cleaning machines

To obtain the maximum performance offered by an anilox roll it is imperative to implement preventive policies of proper cleaning and maintenance. Due to poor cleaning (among other factors), 80% of the rolls are replaced before reaching their useful life. Some common problems arise from the use of aggressive chemicals to remove dry ink, which generate micro fractures in the cell walls, limiting the life of the anilox. Poor maintenance of the rollers is also associated with a progressive deterioration of the volume, generating deviations from the final tone desired by the customer.

After numerous laboratory tests with manufacturers and printers of anilox rollers, at BRIO Ultrasonics we have developed a system that offers the definitive solution for the cleaning and maintenance of the rollers. An exclusive ultrasonic cleaning technology that allows us to guarantee the best maintenance and care of anilox rollers of any size.


  • Models for simultaneous cleaning of the rollers you need.
  • Reaching the maximum useful life of the rollers.
  • No production rejects due to printing defects.
  • Great savings in ink consumption.
  • 100% volume recovery at all line depths after each wash.
  • Exclusive system of continuous rotation.
  • BRIO ultrasonic emitters. The toughest and most efficient on the market thanks to our unique hot bonding process.
  • High power ultrasonic generators. They provide maximum performance ultrasonics.
  • Maximum energy efficiency. Low power consumption thanks to our optimized designs.
  • Fast and cost effective. Cleaning in record time without the need for an operator during the process.
  • Manufactured in high thicknesses AISI 304/316 for maximum durability.
  • Superior thermal-acoustic insulation based on closed cell elastomer. Optional for the lid.
  • Intuitive Touch control with PLC. Includes time slot programming.
  • Adjustable legs in stainless steel-rubber.
  • Safety module and emergency stop.

Maximum care of the ANILOX roller

  • No acids or other aggressive chemicals.
  • No direct contact with cleaning tools.
  • Without suffering erosion by abrasion.
  • Without high local temperatures.

Comparison: Roller cleaning methods

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Ecological and efficient

Save water and energy

Robustness and durability

Own design with the best stainless

Fast and accurate

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Superior cleaning power

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High cost effectiveness

Autonomy and low consumption

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