We are specialists in multi-stage systems designed and manufactured exclusively for each client, covering every cleaning and treatment requirements.
Depending on the application and parts to be treated, we can include several stages such as BRIO ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, passivation, blowing, different systems of drying, etc.
We manufacture BRIO ultrasonic cleaning equipment designed according to the size of the mold, in order to achieve maximum efficiency.
In addition, we can add rinsing and corrosion protection stages, etc. covering all processes in a single multistage installation.
Automate your cleaning process by using a top brand unit with BRIO Ultrasonics optimised technology.
PRO Series include lift with load grid for handling the parts without effort, sway system for separating the dirt, OPS (Oil Push System) for oil removal with auxiliray vat and an intuitive touch screen for functions set and control.
Manual work equipment with the best ultrasonic cleaning technology. Perfect for work in workshops and industrial facilities in all sectors.
With custom work basket, thermally insulated lid and PRO series features as an option.
All the power of BRIO ultrasonic technology in small dimensions inside our WorkTable Series equipment.
Desktop equipment with all the features of the Manual series. Perfect to clean small parts in workshops, factories and industrial installations. Standard models available of 6 to 40 liters.
Desktop equipment perfect to sanitize, treat and clean small parts and tools of wathcmaking, optics, jewelry, medical, dental and other sectors.
Available in volumes of 3 to 30 liters.

In BRIO Ultrasonics we are experts in developing solutions that cover any need of our customers. In order to treat pieces with special characteristics, it is necessary to carry out a custom design and manufacture to ensure an optimum result.

After numerous laboratory tests with both manufacturers and printers of anilox rolls, we have developed a system that offers the ultimate solution for cleaning and maintenance of anilox rolls.
An exclusive ultrasonic cleaning technology that allows us to guarantee the best maintenance and care of anilox rolls of any size.

Advantages of BRIO technology 

Ecological and efficient

Ahorro de agua y energía superiores

Robustness and durability

El mejor resultado en poco tiempo

Fast and accurate

Cleans parts of any shape in minutes

Superior cleaning power

We reach 100% of parts geometry

Costs reduction

Autonomy and low consumption

Discover what make us better

We tell you in detail all the benefits that our technology brings.

"Thanks to Brio Ultrasonics we now get optimum finishes in the cleaning of our molds and we have increased our production by 300%"

Ramón Muriel (Maintenance manager – Smurfit Kappa)

"Thanks to Brio Ultrasonics we now get optimum finishes in the cleaning of our molds and we have increased our production by 300%"

Ramón Mariel (Maintenance manager – Smurfit Kappa)