The industry needs tools to reduce its environmental impact while increasing production

Acceleration of cleaning processes

Increase your productivity by reducing cleaning times.

Energy efficiency

Save on your electricity bill and help make your company more environmentally friendly.

Water saving

BRIO Ultrasonic cleaning consumes the minimum amount of water and achieves better results than other outdated, expensive and wasteful systems.

Labor reduction

Automate the process to the fullest and dedicate your resources to production.

Power, efficiency
and savings

BRIO equipment contribute to creating more efficient and environmentally friendly companies, thanks to their low consumption and high performance.

The savings generated by our ultrasonic technology drastically reduce energy, water and labor consumption. You will recover the investment in the short and medium term, and your company will be more respectful with the environment.


Reduction of water consumption*


Energy savings*


Labor reduction*

* Average percentages compared to traditional cleaning systems: Spray washer with rotating basket, high pressure lance and blast cleaning.

Detergents and spare parts

Our machines work with very low proportions of detergents developed by us. In addition, the cleaning fluid (mostly water) can be reused for long periods of time.

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