Turnkey solutions 
for the injection moulds industry

Our exclusive technology performs a complete cleaning of any mould, cooling duct, spare parts, extractors, figures, slotted parts, sliding parts, etc.

Cleaning injection molds requires various treatments. That is why we developed the BR-MOLD line: multistage systems designed, custom made and installed in the client's facilities. Thanks to our years of experience in this type of installation and feedback with our customers, our BR-MOLD equipment has exclusive specifications for this sector. They can include different stages: ultrasonic washing, rinsing, anti-corrosion protection and drying systems.

These machines combine the efficiency and reliability of every BRIO equipment with the design and integral manufacturing of customized facilities, with turnkey projects aimed at the superior cleaning of moulds, dies, calibrators, etc.

For more information about our BR-Mold range, contact our commercial department without obligation.

BR-300 MOLD. Multistage ultrasonic mould cleaning machine of 300 litres capacity per tank

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