Integral ultrasonic solutions
for the food industry

Our BR FOOD line is developed exclusively to comply with the cleaning, hygiene and disinfection standards of the food sector. We provide superior hygiene results in the elimination of grease, oils, residue, burn deposits, lime deposits and other kinds of dirt typical of the sector. It works perfectly with all materials, including the most common: stainless steel and plastic.

We develop BR FOOD equipment specifically for slaughtering lines, airing lines, gutting lines, cutting lines, etc. According to customer needs, we develop modular multi-stage systems with cleaning, rinsing and drying stages. Our machines can be integrated into the continuous operation lines of any installation, with custom design and manufacturing. We also have our Manual or PRO series standard machines, which can be adapted to the needs of the food sector. All of them have our exclusive ultrasonic cleaning technology with which we achieve optimal results in the cleaning of pallets, trays, hooks, implements, continuous processes and others.

The differential value of our equipment is in the relationship between performance, quality and reliability, far superior to the systems currently available in the market. All this is translated into high savings in consumption, time, labor, energy and cost optimization. These advantages are possible thanks to our unique technology, with exclusive optimizations for the food sector, the result of more than 10 years of R&D and listening to our customers.

For more information about our BR FOOD equipment, and any feasibility study and cost savings, contact without obligation with our commercial department.

BR-FOOD line and disinfection report

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Maquina limpieza ultrasonidos alimentacion BR-FOOD-PO-6K