Integral ultrasonic cleaning solutions
for the automotive industry

Brio Ultrasonics equipment is the perfect complement for grinding, engine remanufacturing, scrapping, general mechanics and specialized workshops anywhere in the engine.

With tank capacities from 60 to 8000 L, ultrasonic power from 600 to 25000 W and superior standard equipment, our equipment covers any cleaning needs of the automotive sector.

Our ultrasonic technology is the only one that performs a total and internal radiation of the parts to be washed adapting to its geometry for a better cleaning and decarbonization. Perfect for blocks, cylinder heads, turbos, injectors, manifolds, radiators, coolers, particle filters and EGR valves.

We have manual (Manual Series), automatic (PRO Series), multistage machines and customized solutions. For more information about our ranges, and any feasibility study and cost savings, contact without obligation with our commercial department

BRIO Ultrasonics cleaning VS standard cleaning

Discover in detail the high savings in costs and time provided by our system 

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for the automotive industry