Sectors and Applications

Our BRIO Ultrasonics equipment meet the needs of all types of industries

For grinding workshops, remanufactured engines, scrap yards, and specialized workshops.

for the maintenance and overhaul of gas and diesel engines for cogeneration, the mining sector, gas and oil, processing plants, etc.

We perform a complete cleaning of any mould, cooling
duct, spare parts, extractors, figures, slotted parts, sliding parts, etc.

Removing of shavings, oxide, oils, etc. Applicable to all types of materials such as steel, brass, bronze, aluminium, zamak and technical plastics.

Our BR FOOD line is developed exclusively to comply with the hygiene standards of the sector. We eliminate grease, oils, residue, burn deposits, etc.

Multiple solutions for surface treatments, baths for technical processes, galvanotechnics, nickel plating, chrome plating, etc.

Exclusive technology for the complete removal of paints such as epoxy, polyester, water based, polyurethane and varnishes.

We strictly comply with the standards in terms
of cleaning processes in production and clean rooms.

We provide turnkey projects aimed at removing deposits such as lime, carbon, oxides, grease, and paints from components such as heads or blocks.


Our exclusive technology is ideal for cleaning hydraulic systems, heat exchangers, engine parts, injection pumps, blades, turbines, etc.


The best cleaning solution for the construction and maintenance processes of the railway industry. We clean rails, needles, crossing frogs, wheel sets, etc.


At BRIO we develop solutions that are exclusively for the nuclear, wind, thermal, cogeneration and solar sectors.

Graphic arts

We develop systems for cleaning rollers, anilox sleeves and rotogravure. Also for cleaning stereotypes, ink pots, ceramic rollers and other removable parts.


Accurate and complete cleaning of electronic boards and circuits, saving time and reaching the smallest parts without causing any damage.


We develop exclusive machines to favor the efficient work of the machinery, reducing the possibility and risk of unforeseen breakdowns.

your production

Our exclusive BRIO technology will take your cleaning, sanitation and treatment of parts to another level, no matter your sector or application.

◎   Automate your cleaning processes
◎   Reduce time and labor
◎   Get a professional finish without effort or mistakes
◎   Decrease detergent consumption
◎   Save on your electricity and water bills

Ask our
Technical department

What materials can be cleaned? What treatment is most suitable for my parts? What equipment do I need?