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Expert magazine in the naval sector highlights BRIO as the best option for naval parts cleaning and maintenance.

AJ Tecno, mother brand of BRIO, has more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of machines for marine maintenance. During these years, the company has carried out a continuous process of research and development that has resulted in the exclusive technology of BRIO ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The magazine 'Buques y Equipos de la Marina Civil' has echoed these innovations, exposing all the advantages that our ultrasonic cleaning technology brings to naval maintenance. Through several tests and comparisons, it is clear how BRIO improves the energy efficiency, life span and washing times of conventional ultrasonic cleaning machines. BRIO stands out as the most recommended option for naval maintenance in shipyards and naval workshops around the world.

BRIO ultrasonic cleaning performs a microbrushing at the molecular level that reaches all the complex points of the parts geometry. This process provides a deep cleaning that eliminates limestone, carbon, oxides, grease, oil, and paint from components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, intercoolers, coolers, pistons, liners, valves and others. It is a contaminant free process that does not require labor during its execution, and whose design can be adapted to the size of any piece, whether it is a heat exchanger or a two ton head.

BRIO automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for naval parts cleaning. 8000 liters.
BRIO automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for naval parts cleaning. 8000 liters. Frontal view.

Innovative ultrasonic cleaning technology with many advantages 

As the article explains, BRIO has a series of technological innovations that are the result of AJ Tecno's experience in naval maintenance. Outstanding among them is the exclusive system for manufacturing the emitters, with hot fixing. This system consists of the use of special resins and an oven process with a determined time and temperature. As a result, BRIO's ultrasonic emitters manage to transmit, with the same energy consumption, an amount of vibration three times higher than that achieved by other systems. All this means accelerated washing times and lower energy consumption that make BRIO the best option for marine maintenance workshops.

BRIO's ultrasonic cleaning machines can be found in the main workshops and shipyards in Spain. Among them, those belonging to Coterena, Barloworld Finanzauto (Caterpillar), Tanaval, Servalci, Metalships & Docks, Mecanasa and Astilleros Rías de Avilés.  At an international level, BRIO has machines installed in workshops of MWM-Caterpillar (Mannheim-Germany), West Sea (Viana do Castelo - Portugal), among others.

We invite you to read the complete article (in Spanish) on the website of the magazine Buques y Equipos de la Marina Civil. Also, please, do not hesitate to contact us if you want a full translation of the article and/or a more in deep explaination of our technology properties and the comparisons showed. In the following link you can access the digital format of the magazine:


Sample of ultrasonic cleaning machine installed in a naval maintenance workshop.
Sample of ultrasonic cleaning machine installed in a naval maintenance workshop. 1500 l machine capacity.
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