Client: One of the largest brewers in the world


Based on the customer's needs, an ultrasonic multi-stage cleaning system is required to be installed for small industrial printer parts such as barrels, plates and nozzles.

This system must be able to effectively remove the residues and dirt accumulated on these parts, which are manufactured in-house by the customer.

In addition, consideration should be given to tailoring the system to the customer's particular specifications and requirements, thus ensuring a tailor-made and efficient cleaning solution.

The main

At BRIO Ultrasonics we accept the challenge of providing multi-stage installations customised to meet the specific needs of our customers in all sectors, including cleanroom installations.

The complete component manufacturing process involves a series of steps, including cleaning, degreasing, pickling, rinsing, passivation and finally convection and/or vacuum drying.

As experts in the field, we work closely with our customers to design and deliver tailor-made solutions that guarantee product quality and performance.


We have designed a solution, which is an ultrasonic cleaning installation characterised by 5 stages:

  • Three ultrasonic baths.
  • Compressed air blowing station.
  • Hot air drying station.
  • Robotic arm provided to automatically move the baskets from one bath to another.

You should know

At BRIO Ultrasonics we understand that most small parts cleaning installations are bespoke due to a number of factors such as specific process and mandatory requirements, customer production times, size and material of parts to be treated and available plant space. Each problem may require a customised solution and that is why we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke projects.

Our extensive experience in the field allows us to design and install high quality cleaning installations that are efficient and effective, thus improving production and the quality of the final product.

BR- 6 AMS Cubas

Ultrasonic cleaning multistage solution

Our solution with the BR-6 AMS is an ultrasonic cleaning installation designed specifically for use in cleanrooms.

The cleaning line consists of five steps, including three ultrasonic baths: the first and second baths are powered by mains water, while the third bath is fed by demineralised water.

In addition, a compressed air blowing station and a hot air convection drying station are included.

The last two stages share the same physical space to optimise space.

Custom baskets for the cleaning of multiple parts

This system consists of a robotic arm that is responsible for transferring the baskets from one stage to another according to the established programming.

The entire system is controlled by a touch screen, which allows for easy programming and monitoring of the process.

This automated system improves the efficiency and accuracy of basket transfer, which in turn reduces cycle time and increases productivity.

It also ensures more uniform and consistent cleaning of parts throughout the cleaning process.