The customer had a specific need to clean some parts accurately and thoroughly.

It was important to provide them with a solution that was able to remove all types of residues and ensure a complete and thorough cleaning of the parts.

The main

To meet the customer's requirements, a suitable and customised ultrasonic machine had to be built to effectively clean customer specific parts of all parameters for each basket.

In addition, an automatic system for loading and unloading the baskets from start to finish and a data collection system for all basket parameters.

This would ensure that the customer gets a complete and satisfactory cleaning solution.


Our solution consisted of an ultrasonic machine with 8 stages, each equipped with a specialised solution for each stage of the cleaning process. The entire process automated with a robot to ensure that process deadlines are met.

An electrical panel with a touch screen to control and monitor the installation.

You should know

At BRIO Ultrasonics we are experts in customised multi-stage automated solutions of the highest quality.

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3. Interior

Customized ultrasonic cleaning solution

- Ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

- Rinsing tank and mains water.

- Rinsing tank with demineralised water.

- Drying tank.

- Automatic basket transfer system.

Loading and unloading area

The solution we provided to the customer included a specially designed area for the loading and unloading of the baskets.

In addition, to ensure maximum process safety, basket presence detectors were installed to allow constant monitoring during loading and unloading.

Importantly, the loading and unloading areas were located at opposite ends of the installation.

This increased the efficiency and flow of the cleaning process by allowing loading and unloading to take place simultaneously, while parts were being cleaned in another area of the facility.

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Water purification and filtration plant

In addition to providing the automated ultrasonic machine, we also developed a water purification and filtration plant to produce and maintain the water quality required by the customer throughout the cleaning process.

This was an integral part of our automated cleaning solution, as the water used in the cleaning process can have a significant impact on the quality of the cleaning and rinsing.

With this solution, we were able to offer the customer a complete and customised solution for their cleaning needs.

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