Client: One of the largest brewers in the world


The BR-450 MS, with a capacity of 450 litres per tank, has been designed and manufactured for the reconditioning of automotive turbochargers and other engine parts. Our customer is one of the biggest turbocharger remanufacturer in europe.

Energy efficiency is one of our customers must. Aat BRIO Ultrasonics we are experts in solutions for the automotive sector. Our exclusive technology achieves a fast and homogeneous cleaning of all types of engine parts, with 30% less energy consumption than standard ultrasonic cleaning technologies.

The main

At BRIO Ultrasonics we are experts in multi-stage installations for the automotive sector, customised to the customer's needs.

The complete remanufacturing process of these components requires several processes, starting with cleaning and degreasing, stripping, rinsing, passivation and final greasing. All included in the 9 stages of the installation.

The BR-450 MS completely recovers turbochargers and other components, removing grease, carbon and rust, and carrying out the necessary treatments to leave the parts completely ready.


Its 9 tanks of 450 L capacity are dedicated to ultrasonic cleaning and stripping, passivation and final greasing of the parts. The movement between tanks is manual by means of a hoist and the opening of the lids is automatic by means of a pneumatic system.

It also includes the following equipment:

  • Automatic water filling system by means of solenoid valves.
  • Dosing of detergents, lubricants and paint strippers by means of an independent pump in the indicated proportion.
  • Automaton with touch screen for setting and monitoring temperatures, cycle times and other parameters.
  • Aspiration system for the collection of vapours with general collector.

You should know

Most automotive industry parts cleaning installations like this one are custom made, because its design depends on several factors: specific process and mandatory requirements, customer production times, size and material of the parts to be treated, available floor space ... The same problem may require a customized solution, that's why we are specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of custom projects.

BR-450 MS Multistage ultrasonic cleaning machine (3)

Ultrasonic cleaning multistage solution

The installation has 9 stages to cover the complete customer process for the recovery of turbochargers and other engine parts.

  • Tank 1: Ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing
  • Tank 2: Ultrasonic descaling
  • Tank 3: Descaler rinse
  • Tank 4&5&6: Stripping
  • Tank 7: Stripper rinse
  • Tank 8: Passivation
  • Tank 9: Greasing

Custom baskets for the cleaning of multiple parts

Together with the installation, custom-made baskets are designed for the installation of the basket models to be processed by the customer. The example shows a three-level basket that allows the processing of a large number of parts at the same time, making full use of the power and effectiveness of the BRIO ultrasound system.