The customer required a precise and comprehensive solution for cleaning automotive transmission components. They needed an ultrasonic machine that could remove any residue and ensure a deep and thorough cleaning.

The main

BRIO worked closely with the customer and successfully met the challenge of designing and building a customized ultrasonic machine to meet the specific needs of the customer, with excellent results.

The outcome was a high-quality and fully automatic cleaning solution.


It consists of three independent elevators controlled by servo motors, to introduce and extract the parts from the bath, along with a series of functionalities to fully cover the customer's cleaning and automation needs.

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By offering customized solutions, we ensure that each customer receives a specific and adequate response to their particular needs and problems. This way, we can provide unique and effective solutions that fit perfectly with each situation. In addition, by taking care of the entire process, from design to final turnkey installation, we can ensure that the project is carried out in a coordinated and efficient manner. This can save time and costs for our customers.


Customized ultrasonic cleaning solution

  • Three independent elevators controlled by servo motors.
  • Air blow drying system at the exit of the tanks.
  • Automatic detergent dosing system using venturi effect.
  • Oil removal system.
  • Particle filtering system.
  • Vapor collection system per tank.
  • Control panel with alarm system and color beacon.
  • Automatic emptying system.

Automatic detergent dispenser

The detergent dosing is done automatically through a dosing system that, during the automatic filling, takes the required amount of detergent and mixes it with water.

To supply the dosing system, the detergent collector must be placed in a detergent drum.

The collector has a level detector to warn when the drum runs out of detergent. The collector tube must reach the bottom of the drum for effective level detection.

The warning will appear on the bottom of the machine's control panel screen

Filtro br-200 ams

Filtering system

The bag filter operates on the principle of microfiltration. The liquid is purified in interchangeable bags by passing through small permeable pores and can be used for large amounts of water.

The liquid flows from the top of the filter housing and is evenly distributed among the bag. The liquid exits from the bottom leaving behind the dirt.

As the bag is enclosed in the top of the container, all the dirt is trapped inside the bag. The filter container does not require cleaning after use.